Pool Cleaning In Phoenix AZ

Pool cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona requires meticulous attention to tiles, walls, and water quality. We send only certified technicians to your home, to provide detailed cleaning and equipment inspection. You get expertise developed over more than a decade of service here in the Valley. It’s about your health and safety. It’s about your enjoyment and comfort.

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your swimming pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ
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Our ten important steps for spotless swimming pool hygiene:

  1. Tile brushing, to remove any spills, algae or mold
  2. Surface skimming, to remove leaves, bugs, or other debris
  3. Brushing the walls of your pool is part of pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ because it keeps algae from forming, and removes any debris clinging to the surface.
  4. Vacuuming to eliminate any dirt, sand, or rubbish at the bottom of your pool.
  5. Checking that filters are intact and doing their job
  6. Inspecting the strainer baskets to ensure they are getting the job done
  7. Adjusting chemicals to ensure water quality and safety; including tests of alkalinity, calcium and pH levels Backwashing sand filters. Our trained professionals understand both multivalve and a side-mounted slide valve
  8. Inspecting equipment to make certain it is in peak working order
  9. At the completion of swimming pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ your technician will update the weekly service log he maintains to track the condition of your pool.

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The technician who comes to your home is uniformed, and well trained in pool sanitation

Swimming pool cleaning is so much more than a pole, a net and some chlorine. It’s about trust - that the person sent to your home or coming onto your property is a professional.

  • Our technicians have earned the CPO – Certified Pool Operator credential, from the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). It certifies they have received extensive classroom training, and participate in continuing education about developments and products that allows us to consistently improve pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ.
  • A CPO possesses top skills in water chemistry, proper sanitation techniques, assessing alkalinity and pH of pool water, emergency procedures, closing and re-opening pools and more.
  • Our firm subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA), which states that we are responsible to our community.

Licensed and insured service people, Our technicians are insured for liability.