Pool Maintenance In Phoenix AZ

With pool maintenance in Phoenix, Arizona your pool not only looks clean, but feels clean. You experience water that never clouds. You enjoy tile without algae, water without smell, and grout without black fungus. You know the filtering equipment of your pool is properly protecting your family. Many of our valued customers tell us they “can’t afford not to” schedule regular attention to their pool.

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The two “C’s” of pool maintenance: Chemistry and Cleaning


Our technicians are water chemistry certified.

  • A chemically balanced pool will not form algae, will not harbor bacteria, and always smells fresh. It’s vital that pool maintenance in Phoenix, AZ adjust the pH levels of the water, using muriatic acid.
  • Pool water requires calcium in order to maintain proper water quality, yet too much is harmful. The level must be checked monthly.
  • Alkaline – lime – ensures the water stays clear.
  • Shock treatments use active chlorine to quickly attack microscopic organic growth. This can be significant in our desert weather, because algae grow fast in warm water.
  • Brushing pool walls prevents any of the microscopic particles from growing on the tiles, making them slimy to the touch.

Proper swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix, AZ extends the life of your pool and equipment. Unbalanced chemicals damage pool equipment and even eat away at the structure of the pool.


If you had poor quality service from another company, you may have sanitation issues:

  • That whitish buildup at the water line is sometimes incorrectly referred to as “lime scale”. It’s actually calcium. The minerals crystallize and attach themselves to the inside surfaces.
  • Scheduled pool cleaning also prevents darkening tile grout and the black fungus that loves wet grout. Since both scale and fungi happen naturally, they are not a sign you are a poor pool keeper. But both are best removed professionally with swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

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What if your pool surfaces have been really neglected?

Sometimes a special tile brush and cleaning solutions get the job done. Quite often, we utilize what’s called “bead blasting “. The process is also used to get paint off of cars, so it is gentle and lightly abrades off scum. The beads don’t get into your pool. If algae have taken over, we will employ acid washing.