Pool Repair In Phoenix AZ

Pool repair in Phoenix, Arizona puts your pool and equipment back in safe working order. It is essential you call us as soon as you discover something wrong. Swimming pool leaks and equipment failures only get worse with neglect. Improper pool chemistry can destroy the surfaces of a pool, so regular pool service can eliminate that risk. Of course, with our technician on site, he can track down any problems and give them immediate attention.

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Common problems we frequently repair

  • A crack in the walls or floor of the swimming pool. They can be sealed.
  • A leak in the equipment and leak detection. It doesn’t always mean you have to replace something.
  • A pump that isn’t working, or is working improperly calls for pool repair in Phoenix, AZ
  • Pool heater malfunction and installation
  • Safety drain misalignment

Remember: a proper safety drain is the law and vitally important

Pool drains and covers are now designed with anti-entrapment systems, to prevent an arm or foot from being trapped by the suction of the drain. They must be inspected annually to ensure the drain cover installation is intact and that the secondary anti-entrapment system is functioning properly. The national standards are the result of the death of a 7 year old girl who was trapped at the bottom of a pool by the suction.

Swimming Pool repair in Phoenix, AZ includes other services:

  1. Pool heater repair: The technician who comes to your home is a certified heater tech
  2. Filter Inspection and replacement when it can’t be cleaned
  3. Pool and spa draining
  4. Pool start up
  5. Salt water system maintenance
  6. Sales and service of replacement equipment or to get your new pool ready to open

Schedule an inspection today. We’ll provide a free estimate of pool repair in Phoenix, AZ. Your technician is an accredited CPO (Certified Pool Operator); his safety and equipment training is extensive and on-going. We operate under the code of ethics of the IPSSA (The Independent Pool and Spa Servicer Association).

Don’t wait for small problems to become big
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Remember: scheduled service heads off repairs. Weekly maintenance is designed to check all of the equipment as well as adjust swimming pool chemistry and thorough cleaning.